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Vanité. Mort, que me veux-tu ?

June 23 - September 19, 2010


The Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent's 13th exhibition is devorted to the theme of Vanitas in art, from the 17th century to the present day.


More than seventy works (paintings, sculpture, photographs) will be on display. Representations os saints and antique allegories by artists from Latin countries and compositions of objects from the Northern Schools stand alongside contemporaray works and a series of memento mori from Pierre Bergé's private collection.


The exhibition will bring together works by artists from the past such as C. Gysbrechts, S. Luttichuys, P. Steenwijck, A. Wolffort, G. Cagnacci, Ph. De Champaigne, N. Régnier... and modern pieces by A. Giacometti, Man Ray, G. Richter, G. Brown, U. Lüthi, R. Mapplethorpe, D. Appelt, A. Serrano, G. Hill... providing both a base and a mirror for our own meditation.


Curator Alain Tapié

Design by Nathalie Crinière


Exhibition catalogue available in french, 25 €


Photos © Luc Castel

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