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leads the Combat against AIDS in France 


We are embarked on a battle under the banner of Sidaction. Essentially, it is a battle against apathy.


“When we see the misery and pain that it brings, we have to be mad, blind or cowardly to resign ourselves to the plague,” said an indignant Dr. Rieux in Albert Camus's novel, "The Plague".

Mad, blind or cowardly... Is that not what we have to be to resign ourselves to the existence of AIDS which affects 40 million people in the world? To accept that the virus contaminates 14,000 adults and children everyday? To witness, once again, that in one year, the lives of 3 million people have been struck down? And, finally, to tolerate that only 800,000 patients have access to tritherapy?

Pierre Bergé


Pierre Bergé, a longtime combatant in the fight against AIDS, founded Ensemble Contre le Sida (Together Against Aids), later renamed Sidaction (Aids Action), in 1994, with Line Renaud. Today he is president of the organization. 


Sidaction was officially recognized by the French authorities. Its mission is to extend help to people struck by HIV, to prevent AIDS and to encourage research. It is at the center of the fight against AIDS. Since its creation in February 1994, Sidaction has supported over 350 teams of researchers and more than 300 associations.


Sidaction receives no government subsidies. Its activities depend solely on the generosity of donors and the support of its partners.



In 2009, in order to "insure the ongoing combat” against the disease, Pierre Bergé created an endowment fund, which contributes 2 million euros per year for 5 years to the struggle against AIDS. A committee of five members, notably including Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi – awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008 – and Professor Yves Lévy, decide the direction of the organization and which measures it will take.

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