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1983 Yves Saint Laurent, proper noun

 Yves Saint Laurent appears in the Larousse dictionary: 

“Saint Laurent (Yves), Oran 1936, French couturier. He made his mark through original interpretations of everyday clothes (caban, pantsuit, etc.), the precision of his style and his talent as a colorist.”


1983 Moujik and the Scorpion

Moujik dies at the Villa Majorelle after being stung by a scorpion. 

When I have the jitters, I look at Moujik, and since he wants to go to the studio so much, when I see him so sad at the end of the day because I haven't gone to work, he's the one who slaps my wrists, and the next day, I go to the studio! He always amuses me. When Moujik is around, you can't get close to my bed. In Deauville, one day when I was ill, I was given my medicine at teh end of a shovel. These dogs are very close to humans. 
- Yves Saint Laurent - March 1993 

Yves Saint Laurent remains a faithful fan of French bulldogs and today Moujik IV can be seen scampering around the corridors of the Foundation.

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01/1983 Château Gabriel

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé acquire Château Gabriel in the village of Benerville-sur-Mer in Normandy, where the author Marcel Proust met his future publisher Gaston Gallimard. 
Jacques Grange was hired to decorate the chateau in the Belle Epoque style. 
Close friends had their own bedrooms marked with plaques bearing the names of characters from Proust's works. Charlotte Aillaud had the Oriane de Guermantes room, Anne-Marie Munoz was given the Albertine room, Loulou et Thadée Klossowski were in the room bearing the name of the Verdurins. 
Yves Saint Laurent chose the name of the dandy Charles Swann for his bedroom and Pierre Bergé's room bore the name of Baron Palamède de Charlus.

Yves Saint Laurent lors d'une soirée déguisée... / Yves Saint Laurent at a costumed party...

12/1983 Seclusion

In the manner of Marcel Proust, Yves Saint Laurent went into seclusion. His next appearance at a society event would be in December 1987 for the coming out ball thrown by Guy and Marie-Hélène de Rothschild for their niece at their residence, the Hôtel Lambert. The house was decorated in white, gold and silver and guests had to enter through a 'looking-glass' in the style of Alice in Wonderland. They were greeted by dancers on loan from Rudolf Nureyev's corps de ballet at the Paris Opera. 
Yves Saint Laurent would meet Christrian Lacroix, a rising star of the fashion world, for the first time that night. 
The most important thing is to last,”
 he would tell the young couturier.

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03/12/1985 Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur

President François Mitterrand decorated Yves Saint Laurent with the Legion of Honor. 
Culture Minister Jack Lang bestowed the honor on Pierre Bergé. In 1993, Pierre Bergé was promoted to the grade of Commander of the Legion of Honor and was named Commander of Arts and Letters. 

Yves Saint Laurent was named Commander of the Legion of Honor on July 14, 2001.

06/04/1989 Tienanmen

Days before YSL is due to enter the Paris stock market, Pierre Bergé speaks out in favor of Chinese students demonstrating at Tiananmen Square. In a media statement, he expresses shock at the violence directed at the demonstrators and announces his resignation as special adviser to the Chinese government on cultural and textile industries. 
All commercial links with China are cut off and plans to build a cosmetics factory in China are brought to a halt. He creates a “democracy house” in Paris which is dedicated to the demonstrators.

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01/1990 Babylon is Burning

The evening of the triumphant spring-summer 1990 show, Yves Saint Laurent invites a group of friends to his rue de Babylone residence.
In the early morning, he is woken by a fire in his bedroom.
Sparked by an electrical short circuit, the blaze destroys many personal souvenirs.

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