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1971 Mick and Bianca dressed by YSL

Mick Jagger and Perez Moreno de Marcais Bianca were both dressed by Yves Saint Laurent for their Saint Tropez wedding in 1971. Bianca was elegant and sexy in a white pantsuit and Mick chose to wear sneakers with his suit.

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11/1971 Yves Saint Laurent Poses in the Nude

Yves Saint Laurent poses in the nude in Vogue magazine for his first eau de toilette for men (photo by Sieff), provoking an outcry in the press: “Yves Saint Laurent, the naked CEO!” 

With the ensuing success, the advertising style would change, reflecting cultural trends.

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1972 Moving to the Rue de Babylone

Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent move into a 1930s duplex on the Rue de Babylone, decorated by Jacques Grange.

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08/28/1974 Dar es Saada

Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent purchase Dar es Saada, a house in Marrakesh, which is a small replica of the Villa Taylor. Yves Saint Laurent oversees the refurbishment carried out by architect Bill Willis: “I want it to be the color of the skin of a pretty woman.”

Yves Saint Laurent, 1977, photo André Perlstein pour Le Point / Yves Saint Laurent, 1977, photo André Perlstein for Le Point magazine

1977 The 'Death' of Yves Saint Laurent

Rumors about the death of Yves Saint Laurent spread through Paris... 

My death left me indifferent. The unpleasant thing was all these people who would open the studio's door to see if I was still alive. 
- Yves Saint Laurent

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1977 Loulou de la Falaise's Wedding

Yves Saint Laurent organizes a party at the Chalet des Iles for Loulou de la Falaise on the occasion of her marriage to Thadée Klossowski. The guests arrive on flower-covered boats. The decoration, featuring turbaned Moors, is designed by Saint Laurent.

Croquis Yves Saint Laurent / Sketch by Yves Saint Laurent

09/16/1977 Maria Callas Dies

Callas dies of a heart attack in her parisian apartment. Yves Saint Laurent, who has always been impressed by the diva and listens to her on a daily basis, writes a piece that appears in Le Monde: 

[...] Diva among divas, empress, queen, goddess, sorceress, magician, toiler, finally divine. Sublime, ravaging, explosive, nightingale, turtledove,. She sailed through this century like a solitary eagle whose unfurled wings will forever conceal those who survive it. [...]
 You will no longer sing, but you will always be here. Your voice has crashed on the reefs. You have left, eternal eclipse. You prefered to go. [...]  
- Yves Saint Laurent, dans Le Monde

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1980 The Majorelle Garden and the Oasis Villa in Marrakesh

Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent purchase the Majorelle Garden and the Oasis Villa in Marrakesh, which belonged to the painter Jacques Majorelle. Jacques Grange and Bill Willis spend four years on the decoration of the house.
A garden that is visited cannot resemble any garden. Hidden places are rare and it is the whole garden that must preserve an air of mystery. Relatively wide alleys guide the visitors.
Benches offer stops that allow the discovery of vanishing points, perspectives and volumes. The vegetation begins by being reassuring: they are recognizable. Then, insidiously, it becomes rarer and intrigues. Among the gardens that I know, the one in Marrakesh, designed and planted by Jacques Majorelle, corresponds the best to these criteria.
[...] Jacques Majorelle has been dead for a long time. Matisse, as well.
Only a few paintings bear witness to his Moroccan period. But in Marrakesh, folded on itself, buried under palm and coconut trees, a small and rare garden, marvelously colorful, celebrates at all seasons the enigmatic marriage of painting and nature. 
- Pierre Bergé, in Décoration Internationale

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