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07/01/1962 Leaving Oran

Yves Saint Laurent's parents, Charles and Lucienne, and sisters, Brigitte and Michèle, leave Oran for Paris after Algeria's independence, a few weeks before his second collection. Leaving most of their possessions behind, they turn for help to their son, who finds them a small rental apartment. His mother and sisters adapt to Parisian life, but Charles misses the warm life of Oran.

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03/1963 An Unsuccessful Collection

Yves Saint Laurent encounters a lack of enthusiasm for his winter-fall 1963 collection: “That season, I had bad models.” 
Beyond the sketches that represent his ideas on paper, working with models is a key moment in Yves Saint Laurent's creative process.

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1967 Marrakesh

Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent purchase Dar El-Hansh, the house of the snake, in Marrakesh's medina. It is a return of sorts to North Africa for Yves Saint Laurent, who can stroll anonymously in the town's markets. The city was untainted by mass tourism. Michel Foucault had been coming since 1960 and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones would invite his fellow band members for regular visits.

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1967 Publication of La Vilaine Lulu

Françoise Sagan encourages Yves to publish the comic strip that he had started drawing in 1955 when he worked at Dior. 
In the preface, Yves Saint Laurent remarks that contrary to Flaubert who wrote, “I am Madame Bovary,” “I am not La Vilaine Lulu.” 
His character was inspired by a colleague at Dior. 
La Vilaine Lulu - the nasty Lulu - denounces small-minded couturiers and rigid social mores.

02/11/1968 Gabrielle Chanel talks about Yves Saint Laurent

In the television show Dim-Dam-Dom, Gabrielle Chanel names Yves Saint Laurent as her spiritual heir “because someone will have to continue in my footsteps.”

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1970 Andy in Paris

Andy Warhol spends two weeks in Paris in the fall, with Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.
The Factory, Andy Warhol's group, moves to Paris.
Paul Morrissey shoots the movie L'Amour in the apartment of Karl Lagerfeld, whom Yves Saint Laurent had met in 1954.

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