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Pierre Mac Orlan Prize


A figure of the Montmartre scene of the early twentieth century, a regular at the Lapin Agile and the Bateau Lavoir, a friend of Max Jacob and Appolinaire, Pierre Mac Orlan (1882-1970) became a legend following the publication of Le Quai des Brumes (Port of Shadows), his most famous novel, which was turned into a film directed by Marcel Carné. Also a journalist, poet and lyricist, this incomparably alluring man cultivated mystery about his background and childhood.


A swashbuckler, sensitive and tough, gentle and witty, he sat for 20 years on the Goncourt Academy.


From Montmartre to ocean ports filled with easy women and restless sailors, the author of La Bandera, L'Ancre de miséricorde, Filles et ports d'Europe or the Petit manuel du parfait aventurier was a master of the adventure novel, modelling himself on Schwob, Stevenson and Kipling whom he admired, a dreamer perpetually departing towards faraway lands, real or imaginary.


The Committee Pierre Mac Orlan celebrates and promotes Mac Orlan’s work on a national and international scale, notably by conferring the Prize Mac Orlan, instituted by the final testament of the author, by maintaining his house, today open to the public, in Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin in Seine-et-Marne.  The Committee, under President Pierre Bergé, exclusive holder of the “moral rights” to the estate of Pierre Mac Orlan, is responsible for granting copyright.




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