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Modules -

Fondation Pierre Bergé -

Yves Saint Laurent

at the Palais de Tokyo


From January 2010 to December 2015, the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent nourished a new generation of artists living in France by offering to them not only invaluable visibility for their work, but also support in the production of their creations.


The Modules took place in the public spaces which are accessible to the public free of charge. Large and small spaces as well as secret passages were blank canvases for small exhibitions, projects and audacious experiments by young artists. An open expanse of space is both an artists’ laboratory and a forum permitting a spontaneous and unrestrained expression bound to impress connoisseurs as well as amateurs.


The program, truly a hub of activity, created an ambiance of wonder and discovery which allowed the public to share in the quest for new talent undertaken by the curators of the Palais de Tokyo. A group of five or more free projects in the public space of the Palais de Tokyo were changed every two months.


You will find here the discoveries of the curatorial team, notably more than 100 projects by emerging artists as well as recent finds from the Salon de Montrouge and from the SAM Art Projects. Every year, a prize is awarded to a new art school graduate, giving him the opportunity to present his work at the Palais de Tokyo.

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