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Restoration of pre-Columbian plumed garments from Peru


The Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent is proud to announce its support of the Quai Branly Museum by making possible the restoration of two rare pre-Columbian plumed garments from Peru.

Textiles played a central role in ancient Peru.  Highly prized, they were often traded, or used as gifts or offerings.  The clothing of wealthy notables was sometimes adorned with metallic decoration or with the feathers of coastal or tropical birds.  While it is exceptional to discover evidence of such production dating from ancient periods, the extremely dry climate of the Peruvian coast has preserved the textiles placed in sepulchres.  

The museum’s American space dedicated to pre-Columbian Andes now includes two remarkable new exhibits. Three newly inaugurated glass cabinets display, among other textiles decorated with iridescent feathered mosaics, two rare ponchos with figurative and abstract patterns which have benefited from the important conservation and restoration operation subsidized by the Fondation.

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