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Donation of archives from the House of Grès


The Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent has donated an exceptional collection of archives from the House of Grès to the Galliera Museum in Paris.


Composed of production drawings and sketches by Madame Grès, from workshop drawings to samples and letters, the collection provides a glimpse into the essence of creativity, from the quest for a silhouette to the production of the model itself. The archives constitute detailed material for haute couture professionals who seek to study the customs and practices of haute couture.


2,800 drawings testify to sixty years of uncompromising creative vision, from the opening of Alix in 1935 to the closing of the House of Grès in 1988.


A significant selection of the rare documents were displayed for the first time in the exhibition, Madame Grès, La couture à l'oeuvre, from March 25 to July 24, 2011 at the Bourdelle Museum in Paris.


The priceless collection will enrich the one-of-kind textiles pieces by Madame Grès currently conserved at the Galliera Museum, offering an original and comprehensive panorama of her creations.

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