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The Maison Jean Cocteau

in Milly-la-Forêt


With the advent of success, Milly became a sort of refuge, far from society life. Irises and peonies, an orchard full of fruit trees, and the dogs and cats were always there to welcome him. The poet came to rest, to center himself, and with his companion Edouard Dermit to receive friends, stroll in the gardens and over the bridges crossing the castle moat, take time in his gardens, work late in his office or in his attic workshop.


After the poet’s death in 1963, and until his own in 1995, Edouard Dermit kept the sitting room, office, and bedroom of the poet intact, allowing for their perfect restitution today. He also protected 500 of Cocteau’s most beautiful works which he inherited, a first selection of which we now display here.


In addition, there is a permanent exhibition of some of the most beautiful portraits of Cocteau by Picasso, Warhol, Blanche, Modigliani, Man Ray, and more.


Purchased and restored with support from the Ile-de-France Regional Council and the Essonne Departmental Council, this house becomes, by opening to the public, a unique exhibition venue and place of memory.


Pierre Bergé



© Edouard Dermit


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