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The Maison Émile Zola

The restoration of Emile Zola's house in Médan and the creation of an Alfred Dreyfus museum.


I am particularly attached to this “Zola-Dreyfus” project. Beyond the renovation of Emile Zola's house and the re-creation (by Pascal Cribier) of its great park, the Maison Zola-Musée Dreyfus association seeks especially to create a Dreyfus Museum.


It appeared necessary to me to build, within the house, a place entirely devoted to the “Affair” and what it signified and will always signify in terms of the struggle against racism and anti-semitism, and the fight for justice and equality.


Thanks to the extremely precious aid of the French state, local governments and philanthropic partners, this museum will be inaugurated in 2011. It will be a place for exhibiting and teaching, for debates and reflection, for memory and vigilance.It will be the only Dreyfus Museum in the world.


Pierre Bergé

President of the Maison Zola-Musée Dreyfus Association


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