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Du côté de chez
Jacques-Émile Blanche

Un salon à la Belle Époque 

October 11, 2012 - January 27, 2013 


The Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent is dedicating its 18th exhibition to the painter, Jacques Emile Blanche (1861-1942). Blanche frequented artistic circles from an early age and had become French high society’s most sought-after portraitist by the end of the 19th century.


The exhibition focuses on the painter’s glory days prior to 1914 and will include seventy paintings arranged in a turn-of-the-century setting, in which visitors will find the young Proust, Claudel, Colette, Rodin, Cocteau, Debussy, Degas, Mallarmé, Louÿs and other major figures of the Belle Époque.


The exhibition conveys the candid regard of an extraordinary observer of his time, a world soon to be swept away by the First World War.


Curator Jérôme Neutres

Decorator Jacques Grange

Set designer agence NC, Nathalie Crinière


Press release


Exhibition catalogue edited by Jérôme Neutre
Texts by Jérôme Neutres et de Jane Roberts
Éditions Skira-Flammarion, 2012, 160 pages, €30


This exhibition is organized by the Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent, in partnership with




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Listen to Karol Beffa’s improvisations on the piano

Composer and musician Karol Beffa has recorded an improvisation especially for the exhibition, Du côté de Jacques-Emile Blanche.



Trois rencontres, animées par Monique Younès, seront proposées les 30 octobre 2012, 29 novembre 2012 et 10 janvier 2013, à 19h dans les salons de la Fondation.

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