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Berber Museum

of the Jardin Majorelle


For the first time in Morocco, a museum displays an exclusive collection of Berber objects originating from diverse regions of Morocco, from the Rif to the Sahara.


The scientific team which guided the conception of the museum is composed of: Salima Naji, architect and anthropologist in Rabat; Romain Simenel, ethnologist, researcher at the Institute for Research and Development in Rabat; Ahmed Skounti, anthropologist at the National Institute of Archeological Sciences and Heritage in Rabat.


The renovation of the Museum, as well as its scenography, was carried out by the architect Christophe Martin, who also conceived the presentation of the exhibition Yves Saint Laurent and Morocco, seen by over 65,000 visitors. At his side, the museologist Björn Dahlström is responsible for coordinating the program of the museum.


The former museum of Islamic art, located in the heart of the Majorelle Garden, has been entirely renovated to house the Berber Museum and to preserve this collection of Berber art in conditions of presentation and conservation in accordance with international museum standards.


With a floor space of over 200 m², the Museum displays more than 600 objects, in a compelling panorama on Berber culture in Morocco.


Maps, explanatory texts – in French, English and Arabic -, photographs, archive films and audio-visual documents specifically designed for the museum guide the visitors throughout their journey.


Four thematic rooms

1. The Berbers

2. Traditionnal skills (craftwork, daily objects, festivals or ceremonies)

3. Jewels (an exclusive panorama of Berber jewels from Morocco)

4. Finery (costumes and weaving, arms, doors, carpets and Berber musical instruments)


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Jardin Majorelle and Berber Museum

Avenue Yacoub El Mansour Rue Yves Saint Laurent

40090 Marrakech – Morocco 


Open daily

Access for people with disabilities



Garden : 50 DH

Museum : 25 DH


The Museum Library contains a collection of reference books on the Berber culture.

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