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1983 Irving Penn

25 years after his first portrait of Yves Saint Laurent, Irving Penn shot this masterpiece in black and white. Hidden behind his hand, lit by a master of lighting, he reveals a great deal of his personality.

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1983 Alice Springs

 Alice Springs, formerly called June Browne, married Helmut Newton in 1948. She began her career as a photographer in the 1970s.

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12/05/1983 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The opening of the retrospective exhibit Yves Saint Laurent: 25 Years of Design at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. 

Organized by Diana Vreeland, former fashion editor at Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, the exhibit was the first of its kind devoted to a living artist. It attracted over one million visitors. 

Why Yves Saint Laurent ? Because he's a genius and he knows everything about women.  
- Diana Vreeland 

This exhibit shows that a couturier can also be, must be, a geometer, a vehement individual whose capacity for love has not dried up, an illusionist, a child, an astronomer, a simple person and a genius, a Sunday or night author, a copier, a tamer, a smooth operator, a seer. And that women do not feel like being one-dimensional, but want to saints and harridans, lionesses and huntresses, virgins and courtesans, men, paupers and countesses, clowns and spies.  
- Hervé Guibert in Le Monde, 8 December 1983 

This exhibit represents a very important moment in my career. Afterwards, I'll return to my small atelier with Mounia and a few meters of chiffon to start work on my next collection. 
- Yves Saint Laurent

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05/1985 Palace of Fine Arts, Beijing

 The Metropolitan Museum's exhibit goes on tour and the first stop is Beijing's Palace of Fine Arts. 600,000 visitors flock to the show, standing in line for hours. China is opening up to Western culture. Diana Vreeland's assistants set up the exhibit with the help of students from Beijing University. The head of the Chinese Writers' Association tells a journalist that the clothes are 'too sexy' for Chinese women, while another official wonders how the clothes should be worn.

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1986 Yves Saint Laurent in Moscow, Leningrad and Sydney

The Yves Saint Laurent exhibit moves on to Moscow's Painters' and Writers' House (1986, 260,000 visitors, Leningrad's Hermitage Museum (1987, 240,000 visitors) and Sydney's Art Gallery of New South Wales (1987, 100,000 visitors). 

A happy woman is a woman with a black turtleneck. A black skirt. A big fake piece of jewelry. And a man at her side. 
- Yves Saint Laurent in Moscow

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05/30/1986 Museum of Fashion Arts

 132,000 people visit the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Musée des Arts de la Mode (museum of fashion arts) in Paris.

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09/08/1988 Yves Saint Laurent at the Communist Party

A fashion show at the “Fête de l'Humanité” organized by the French Communist Party. It is the period of Gorbachev's Glasnost. 130 models walked past a throng of spectators made up of the party faithful and Paris' glitterati.

03/01/1989 Historical Russian garments 1700-1914

Under the patronage of President François Mitterrand, Yves Saint Laurent presents an exhibit of historical Russian garments from 1700-1914 at the Jacquemart-André museum. The exhibit, of which Yves Saint Laurent is the artistic director, gives Parisians their first glimpse at 200 outfits from the Hermitage Museum's superb costume collection, including Peter the Great's wardrobe and several of Catherine II's dresses. 

The event is associated with “The Integral Study of the Silk Roads: Roads of Dialogue”, organized by UNESCO, and is supported by the YSL company and Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent personally.

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09/1989 Exhibit of Yves Saint Laurent's Thetrical Work, Leningrad

In a form of cultural exchange following the exhibit of Russian historical garments organized by Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, Leningrad hosts an exhibit of Saint Laurent's theatrical costumes and sketches.

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1990 Sezon Museum of Art in Tokyo

 The Yves Saint Laurent 1958-1990 restrospective, which includes theater sketches, opens at Tokyo's Sezon Museum of Art. 

Very early in my life I went to Japan and I was immediately fascinated by this ancient and modern country. I have been influenced by it on many occasions since. Others before me showed the same admration: Monet, Van Gogh and all the art deco artists who were so important in our era.  
- Yves Saint Laurent's message in the retrospective's catalog

1990 Michel Comte

Originally a restorer of paintings - hence his pictorial style - Michel Comte went on to take fashion and celebrity photographs, including this stunning portrait of Yves Saint Laurent.

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